Simple maths and capitalist reporting of the French Presidential election

Driving in to work this morning I heard RTE news describe the election result in the 2nd round run-off of the French Presidential elections as 1/3 voting for Le pen and 2/3 voting for Macron. They went on to talk about how the Macron presidency would have to deal with this 1/3 of the population who had supported policies to his right.

However later they also referred to the 25% who hadn’t voted…

1/3 + 2/3 + 25% = ,,,,

The actual voting figures are as follows (literally took me less than 10 minutes to find this information and work out the real percentages):

Total number of registered voters – 47,448,893

Turnout – 35,407,615 voting = 74.62% of registered voters

Valid votes – 31,340,814 = 88.51% of total votes
Blank or null votes – 4,066,801 = 11.49% of total votes

Marcon – 20,703,694 votes = 66.06% of those who voted
Le Pen – 10,637,120 votes = 33.94% of those who voted

Therefore the % votes from the total population of registered voters was:

Marcon – 44%
Le Pen – 22%
Didn’t vote or spoiled ballot – 34%

Leaving aside the issue of capitalist elections being a very blunt instrument for judging the actual “will of the people” any rational discussion of the election result and what this represents in French society should start from this reality of the actual votes.




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