Rebels 4 Choice press release on Citizen’s Assembly recommendations

Cork Pro-Choice Group Welcome Outcomes of Citizens Assembly and Call For Immediate Referendum.

Despite what seemed like attempts to confuse and possibly even unduly influence the Citizen’s Assembly over the past two days, they voted by overwhelming majority not to retain the 8th amendment and to replace it with a constitutional clause that essentially reverses it, giving power back to the Oireachtas to legislate for abortion and ending forever the dangerous misapprehension that a pregnant person’s life is only as important as that of any embryo or foetus they might carry.

The Assembly further voted by very significant majorities to recommend that that legislation allow pregnant people to choose to have an abortion regardless of the reason – showing that they, unlike our current government, trust pregnant people.

A referendum is now inevitable and should be called as soon as possible, said a spokesperson for Rebels4Choice, a Cork-based group campaigning for free, safe and legal access to abortion for all pregnant people. The Government may attempt to claim that the Citizens’ Assembly was only providing “advice” and prevaricate and/or present more restrictive proposals, but they should be aware that the tide has changed on this issue and the recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly are only reflecting what is now the majority view in Irish society.

“The Irish Government has been exporting and shaming women and pregnant people for far too long,” said spokesperson Kathy D’Arcy.

“The reasons why a pregnant person chooses to have an abortion are complex and personal, and the decision is nobody’s business but that person and their healthcare provider – who should never, ever be under the thumb of a religious order.”

“While we have concerns over the arbitrary nature of any hard and fast time limits on access to abortion, we are delighted and proud that the Citizen’s Assembly have voted to free pregnant people from the constitutional and legal strait-jacket they have been subjected to since the 8th amendment was first added to the constitution. Women and pregnant people are citizens of this state and deserve the right to choose for their own bodies.”

Rebels4Choice are asking all Cork TDs to call for an immediate referendum and to oppose any governmental delay tactics which would cause further harm and trauma to Irish women.


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