What has saddened me the most about the “Alan participated in the anti-AAA witch-hunt” farce

My experience of working with the Socialist Party is that they have a high proportion of members and supporters who genuinely believe in the socialist transformation of society. However those sincere socialists are getting some very bad political training from the SP.

For instance they seem to truly believe that my mistake in moving the motion against Ciara defines my whole attitude towards the witch-hunt against the AAA that took place in Cobh Says No from 25 March to 16 June 2015 – irrespective of all the evidence to the contrary that I have provided. That my public recantation of that motion as a mistake (for precisely the reason that it would be seen as part of the witch-hunt against the AAA!) made at the time, and repeated now, means nothing.

It seems they must believe that Marxists can never make mistakes.

On one level I guess that holding me to such an impossibly high level of infallibility is actually a back-handed compliment. Though the irony that such an implicit degree of confidence in my political ability is being used to prevent the use of that political ability in the AAA project, that they think is so essential for the Irish working class, is presumably lost on them.

But then this is an organisation which has trained these sincere socialists so “well” that they are quite happy to defend the use of the term “socialist” to describe a consistent supporter of US imperialist wars.

I guess if you have learnt how to do the internalised logic-chopping that allows you to see the term “socialist” devalued to that extent (effectively making it worthless as a political category) then their refusal to seriously analyse the evidence that I actually OPPOSED the anti-AAA witch-hunt in Cobh Says No should come as no surprise.

Just as they can similarly internally fool themselves into believing that the rejection of my membership of the AAA wasn’t really about the SP not wanting the threat of a potential alternative left-wing pole of attraction within the AAA – even if that potential threat came from a lone individual.

The political cynics who run the SP have a lot to be responsible for.


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