More on what “participating in a witch-hunt” looks like to the Socialist Party

As the SP seem committed to holding the line on their position that I participated in the witch-hunt against AAA members in Cobh Says No in the 2nd quarter of 2015 I went back through posts and comments on the Cobh Says No to Austerity facebook page that related to this dispute.

I was relieved to find nothing that would substantiate their claim in any way and indeed I found the following post by myself which indicates exactly the opposite. This was in response to Karen Doyle, one of the moderators of the page and a central driving force behind the split, deleting a post by one of the AAA members of Cobh Says No that was critical of the process for selecting delegates for the 1 May 2015 R2W conference.

Alan Gibson
28 April 2015

I am completely opposed to the removal of Evelyn’s post on this Facebook page.

Whatever Karen’s motivations for deleting the post the reality is that it was political censorship and I will not be associated with it. If it goes unchallenged it will create a very bad precedent for the future of CSNA. Karen should reconsider her action and publicly apologise to Evelyn.

As an aside I think the best email address for sending any concerns about the undemocratic nature of the 1 May conference is Right2WaterIRL@gmail.com

Alan Gibson
Chairperson Cobh Says No to Austerity

This is in common with all my responses to the attacks on AAA members of Cobh Says No, just for being members of the AAA – that started with my defence of their right to join the AAA at the 25 March meeting where the attacks began. Indeed it is merely the continuation of my long-standing position of defending the rights of the SP (and later the AAA) in the earlier anti-household charges campaign against those who attacked their participation under the guise of being “anti-party community activists”.

The only bit of supposed evidence of my being part of the witch-hunt against AAA members is my proposed motion to expel Ciara following her disruptive behaviour at the meeting on 2 June.

It must be remembered that I withdrew my support for this motion on 14 June and it was never voted on at the meeting on 18 June (I incorrectly reported in a previous post that I had voted against it but in actuality I was never given the chance to do so).

I can’t remember, or find evidence of, the exact date I proposed the motion to expel Ciara but at most there were 12 days in which it might be argued that because of this motion I was objectively helping the anti-AAA witch-hunt. However any such help I might have inadvertently given the anti-AAA witch-hunt was surely more than compensated for by my withdrawal of the motion and the related explanation of why I was doing so.

I think the most that can be claimed is that for those 12 days I was stupid not to see how my motion would play into the wider anti-AAA context. I actually think that would be a fair enough criticism. I was under extreme pressure in a difficult situation and made a mistake. It isn’t the first mistake I have made in campaigns and it won’t be the last.

It must also be seen as a mistake that was completely out of character with how I had acted up to that point in Cobh Says No and before that through the entire time of the Campaign Against Household and Water Charges.

Given my record of opposing any moves against the participation of AAA members in Cobh Says No just because of their membership of the AAA – both before and after the very short period of those 12 days – it seems to me the SP/AAA is clearly trying to create something out of nothing. Unless of course membership of the AAA is only open to those who have never ever made any political mistakes in their lives (or at least have never admitted to making any)…

I stand by my assertion that this is all a smoke-screen to hide the fact that the real reason my membership of the AAA was rejected. That was because my revolutionary Marxist political programme for how to achieve the socialist goals of the AAA was deemed to be too radical – unlike the SP’s much more less dangerous ideas.


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