Some questions for the Socialist Party

Some Questions for the Socialist Party

In the wake of their successful day school on Saturday 26 November (“Dangerous Ideas – A Day of Anti-Capitalist Debate”) the Socialist Party in Cork are holding an “Open Meeting – Q & A About Socialist Ideas” this evening (Tuesday 29 November).

Here are a couple of questions about some core ideas of Marxism for them to consider:

Do socialist ideas include an intransigent opposition to all imperialist wars?

If so why did Jess Spears, speaking for the SP’s sister party in the USA, Socialist Alternative, describe Bernie Sanders, who has a long-standing record of consistently supporting US imperialism’s wars around the world, as being “a socialist who had fought for a political revolution”?

Are the core ideas outlined in Lenin’s pamphlet “State and Revolution” essential components of socialist ideas?

If so why does the Socialist Party give such a huge emphasis to the capitalist parliament as the vehicle for socialist change as compared to Lenin’s emphasis on the workers’ council model?

And why does the Socialist Party put forward it’s reformist “community control” approach to the capitalist state rather than Lenin’s revolutionary approach of “smashing” and replacing the capitalist state?


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