Responding to anti-choice opinion piece

Letter to the Editor – Irish Times (not used by them for publication)

The opinion piece “Repeal campaign making the same mistake as Hillary Clinton” by Phelim McAleer (17 November) appears to start from the premise that the campaign for repealing the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution does not have wide-spread public support.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Indeed the Irish Times own Ipsos MRBI poll, published on 7 October this year, shows that nearly 75% support repeal of the Eighth Amendment. This is merely the latest poll which supports the reality that when questioned about it a clear majority of the Irish public have consistently shown their support for repeal of the Eighth Amendment (see for instance the IFPA’s very useful web page collating those polls – http://www.ifpa.ie/Hot-Topics/Abortion/Public-Opinion).

Mr McAleer uses snide insults about a “whining” urban liberal elite combined with lies about the Repeal the Eighth campaign having no interest in engaging with “real people” and horror stories about non-existent “established abortion practice” to cover up his obvious political agenda aimed at subverting the democratic will of the Irish people that the Eighth Amendment must be repealed.

The only thing of value from Mr McAleer’s piece is his last paragraph which implicitly recognises that there will indeed be a referendum on this important issue. I do however reserve the right to disagree with him about who will wake up the next day feeling disappointed about the result.

Alan Gibson


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