Interesting but ultimately flawed analysis of the Trump victory from Russell Brand.
The problem isn’t really well-off liberals being condescending etc (though they are) – the problem is that the liberals have lied – as Obama’s presidency makes clear.
Trump is lying as well of course but he can say he is not part of the liberal establishment and is therefore different. That is his appeal.
But really he is just another face of the real establishment, the 1% (or more accurately the 0.01% or whatever the actual tiny percentage is) who run the USA and indeed the world.
It is our capitalist rulers and the socio-economic system which is fucking up the world that is the problem.
What we need is more people saying it is time to end capitalism and not presenting programmes for reform, no matter how radical those reforms may seem or how much they describe themselves as “socialists” or “revolutionaries” while they present that reformist programme.

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