Budget 2016 AAA – “anti-capitalism” or “fairer capitalism”?

I have ​just read the AAA 2016 budget statement.

As usual it makes bold  claims about what the statement represents:

“A fundamental socialist transformation of our society is needed.”

“The purpose of this Anti-Austerity Alliance budget statement is to give an illustration of how things could be organised differently… this statement illustrates how, with anti-capitalist and socialist measures which take on the power of the 1% a real recovery could be delivered for the 99%.”

Then of course all the concrete detail of the statement is the usual “tax the rich” proposals. This is necessarily premised on the continuation of capitalism and is therefore just about a redistribution of wealth within capitalism.

Not surprisingly my Sept 15th question on this blog has been answered in the positive:

Or will it be their usual advice to the existing capitalist government on how they could use greater taxation of corporations and the rich to more fairly redistribute wealth within capitalism?

It seems “anti-capitalism” really just means “fairer capitalism” to the oh so very tame so-called “revolutionary Marxists” of the Socialist Party of Ireland who politically dominate and control the AAA.

I can only repeat my ending words from that blog post of September 15th which so accurately predicted this latest missive for how capitalism could supposedly be run in the interests of the masses – with just a tweaking of taxation policy. 

It is of course possible to point out that pro-worker reforms of capitalism are possible in a statement on the budget process for the running of the capitalist government.

But for revolutionary Marxists worthy of the name that would only be to highlight why the capitalists will not do that and it is therefore necessary to overthrow their state, expropriate their wealth and create a new order based on collective ownership of the economy under the rule of workers councils.
I wonder if any SP comrade who might read this blog will even stop to think about just how little of the politics of Marx their organisation represents:

The irony that their usual “tax the rich” approach flies in the face of Marx’s own criticism (see https://revolutionaryprogramme.wordpress.com/2016/05/22/karl-marx-on-taxing-the-rich/) is no doubt completely lost on them.


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