Bernie Sanders – imperialist warmonger

As Bernie Sanders’ campaign to be the presidential candidate for the Democrats trundles on towards its inevitable end (when he then endorses Hillary Clinton) there still remain a surprising number of self-describing “socialists” and “revolutionary Marxists” who are politically supporting Sanders and even describing him as some kind of socialist himself.

The truth is that Sanders is a capitalist politician wedded to the Democratic Party and US imperialism. Anyone who doubts this assertion need only look at the following examples for proof:

  • Sanders voted for U.S. intervention in Somalia in 1993.
  • He supported Bill Clinton’s 1999 war on Serbia and when anti-war activists occupied his office because of that support of Clinton’s war policies, he had them arrested.
  • He voted for the 2001 Authorization Unilateral Military Force Against Terrorists (AUMF), which pretty much allowed Bush to wage war wherever he wanted.
  • In 2001, Sanders did not support the vote in Congress to oppose the war in Afghanistan. This was followed by his vote for appropriations to support both the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • He backed Obama’s Libyan debacle.
  • He supports an expanded US role in Syria alongside the Saudi Arabian regime.
  • He supports the building of the new F-35 stealth fighter as part of fairly consistently supporting spending on the vast US military machine.
  • He described Hugo Chavez as “a dead communist dictator”.

No genuine socialist, let alone revolutionary Marxist, would consider giving any political support to this kind of imperialist warmonger.


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