Right2Water/Right2Change’s timid reformism implicitly accepts the capitalist framework

Dave Gibney, one of the central leaders of Right2Water/Right2Change, has just published an article “Irish Water: Killing off conservation and the real agenda behind water charges
The article points out much of the reality of the capitalist agenda behind the creation of Irish Water but in my opinion is far too timid in its response:
“Without a referendum, there will be nothing a future government can do to prevent this.”
That all depends on what the referendum says and also fails to recognise that referendums can be overturned.
The only real way to prevent a future government privatising the water supply and infrastructure is to change the class nature of government and society as a whole – to one where there is no private ownership of the social infrastructure and means of production.
“That’s why water will continue to be the single most important issue for the upcoming general election. This one policy exposes the priorities for political parties and politicians.
“It’s our job to hold them accountable…”
That may well be what Right2Water/Right2Change see their “job” as – merely trying to hold the capitalist class and their government to “account” while the capitalist system’s legalisation of daily theft from working people in the form of “profits” continues unabated.
The kind of social and economic catastrophe for working people that will result if the agenda behind Irish Water is not defeated is not some aberration of bad political priorities but an integral part of the very nature of capitalism.
The real truth that Right2Water/Right2Change dare not say is that the only way to defend the right of future generations of working people to a free clean drinkable water supply is by overthrowing the rotten capitalist system and replacing it with the rule of the working class where our human needs and wants, not the insane scramble for profits, are at the heart of decisions like these.

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