Jeremy Corbyn’s response to the Tory’s new anti-TU laws

Listen from just before 14 minutes of Corbyn’s address to the TUC earlier this week.

Passive parliamentarianism seems to be all he sees as being required.

“Trade unions are essential and valuable part of modern Britain. Six million people voluntarily join trade unions and I’m proud to be a trade unionist. That’s why we are going to fight this bill all the way and when we’ve been elected as a majority in 2020 we’re going to repeal this bill and replace it with a workers’ rights agenda and something decent and proper for the future.”

Most of the so-called “far-left” in Britain are fawning over this old-style soft-left social-democrat. But is this really the kind leadership our class needs in response to this draconian attack on workers’ rights to organise?

We need militant class struggle in Britain as the response to this attack not Corbyn’s demobilising “wait and vote for us in  years time”.


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