Right2Water electoralism

In a new statement on its web site “2015 – The Year We Change Ireland”, the Right2Water leaders outline their perspective on “the sole way” to win the struggle against Irish Water (http://www.right2water.ie/blog/2015-year-we-change-ireland):

“So have all the protests really worked? To a point yes. Compared to where we were this time last year we are now positioned perfectly to deliver real change which, possibly for the first time since independence, can help us create a Republic which puts the great mass of the people before it’s self serving elites. But how do we achieve that?

“Surely we can only achieve it in the sole way that we can achieve R2W’s only objective (to revoke the domestic water charges legislation). We need to elect legislators that enact laws that are wanted and needed by the people they are elected to represent, not Corporations and their cronies whose sole purpose is to screw those very people, the electors, in a profit driven orgy of greed.”

No need for a campaign of non-payment – we can just elect some good people (Sinn Fein?) to abolish the charges….

Indeed anyone who does try to build such a campaign are just splitters:

“So where to now? If we are to elect people who enact the laws we, the people, need in the next election we to continue to unite on what we agree on and not sow division and discord over tactical approaches as some are currently endeavouring to do. We need to grow and develop the unity that has rocked the establishment and the media – not splinter in 100 different directions as Irish people have (to their great cost) many times before thereby allowing an elitist minority to reap and sow at great cost to the common good. It’s been the way of it for much too much of our history.”


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