Defend the right to protest

The past week or so has seen a significant ratcheting up in the propaganda war by the government and capitalist media. The aim being to split the anti-water charges movement between the decent ordinary people in the ranks and the evil socialist/anarchist/dissident republican leaders who are only interested in inciting violence and causing political and economic chaos.

To the credit of all those involved these lies seem to have only had the opposite effect and given more impetus to the anti-water charges movement. Senior government members now expect to be met by protests at any public event they attend and the number of communities preventing meter installations increases by the day.

On top of the threat to imprison the peaceful protesters who dared to defy the 20m exclusion zone around GMC Sierra meter installers in Dublin (fingers crossed for a positive outcome tomorrow!) the government are now threatening to arrest some of those involved in the so-called “violent protest” against Joan Burton and to go after those they perceive as being the leaders, like Socialist Party member and AAA TD Paul Murphy, for incitement (http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/td-under-scrutiny-as-10-people-face-arrest-over-role-in-violent-protests-30771604.html).

As a result we can expect the hysteria about the nefarious plans of the Socialist Party to rise to a fever pitch as the capitalist class attempt to create a climate where they think they can get away with these ludicrous charges.

Whatever criticisms any of us may have of the politics of Paul Murphy and his SP comrades it is essential that we extend the same level of solidarity towards them that we do towards any other protesters threatened with arrest and prosecution.

Any injury to one is an injury to all!
Defend the injunction breakers!
Defend Paul Murphy and the other Jobstown protesters!


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