Cobh proposal to national anti-water charges movement

The following proposal has been circulated throughout the anti-water charges movement in Ireland:

Cobh Say No to Austerity calls on all local Anti-Water Charges campaigns to come together on a national basis.

We have built a successful and militant local campaign in Cobh based on the self-organisation of local streets and estates to block the installation of water meters and oppose the Water Charges. There is a delegate structure to a Cobh-wide coordinating committee, which we have found a very effective and democratic way of organising. This has given us enormous strength in terms of shared decision making and accountability. It has also meant that we have been more effective in acting together. We believe that this is something that should be built on nationally and want to discuss and organise with all those who share similar aims. This delegated national meeting can discuss all proposals to develop and broaden this campaign politically.

It is now important to share experiences from localities throughout Ireland and to build a national coordinating body. We are contacting you in the hope that you are interested in meeting to establish this body.

We propose the following as the basis for a national campaign:

* For the immediate and complete abolition of water charges
* For the immediate disbanding of Irish Water
* Opposition to the installation of water meters as a charging device
* Boycott of registration and payment of Water bills
* For a safe water supply owned and operated by citizens for citizens and not for profit

We propose holding regional meetings to discuss and agree a way forward and to set up delegate based coordinating bodies. We propose a delegated national meeting be held as soon as possible and certainly before Christmas. Please contact cobh.says.no.to.austerity@gmail.com

In solidarity
Alan Gibson
for Cobh Says No coordinating committee



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