Pro-choice film showing in Cork – Wednesday 11 December

Cork Women’s Right to Choose will be hosting a showing of the film “If These Wall Could Talk” at Solidarity Books (43 Douglas Street, Cork City) on Wednesday 11 December at 7:30pm
If These Walls Could Talk consists of three short separate stories that each deal with the controversial issue of abortion. Although each of the stories is set in a different decade, the unifying element (aside from the subject matter) is that all three transpire in the same house. The first story stars Demi Moore as the widow of a soldier killer in combat. She becomes pregnant and does not feel it would be morally appropriate to have the baby. Because it is the ’50s, she must attempt to secure an illegal abortion. The second story, set in the ’70s, stars Sissy Spacek as a mother of a struggling family. Having successfully raised four children on a meagre income, Spacek’s character must now decide if she should seek an abortion after finding out she is expecting a fifth. The final story takes place in the ’90s. Anne Heche portrays a grad student who crosses protesters’ picket lines in order to consult a doctor (Cher) about having an abortion.
This event has a fund-raising aspect to it and there will be a raffle along with entry by donation.
After the film there will be a short discussion period for anyone interested in getting more actively involved in pro-choice campaigning in Cork.

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