SIPTU & NBRU reject pay-cut deal

Earlier this evening I, like many other readers of this blog I expect, received an email from Paddy Healy:

You may have heard that both Siptu and NBRU members have rejected the pay-cut  deal in a ballot-Great news!!

We need everyone on standby to support the strikers in any new confrontation

While Dublin bus workers are not in “public service”, they are in public sector. The offer to them mimics the Haddington Road Agreement.

In addition, successful resistance in Dublin Bus will protect workers in all commercial state bodies

Other unions in Dublin Bus will not announce results until next week.

Could we organise a meeting for Monday Week?

We need collections across the entire public service to support the Dublin Bus workers if they take strike action!

This certainly is an important development and it would indeed be a responsibility of all workers, and here I’d go further than just other public sector workers, to support the Dublin Bus workers if they do take strike action. Collections would be the very minimum required.

A major problem remains the existing trade union leaders as prosecuting the kind of strike required to win will mean creating real strike committees run and controlled by rank-and-file bus workers with one eye watching out for a stab in the back by those existing trade union leaders.


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