More reformist fantasy politics from the SWP as they argue for a new broad-left party

So we have the SWP once again rolling out their call for a broad-left party in response to the 23% support for independents in the latest Red C poll.

The failing, from a revolutionary socialist point of view, of this persepctive is codified in the last sentence of this press statment where RBB describes the coming budget a “cruel” and “economically stupid”.

This argument implicitly implies the continuation of capitalism and therefore this new party/alliance as an alternative capitalist government. An alternative capitalist government that would be compassionate and economically sensible. But from the point of view of the majority of the capitalist class in Ireland (in both its indigenous and multi-national forms) a continuation of austerity is emminently sensible. The driving down of wages and conditions of working people has seen the wealth of the capitalist class increase markedly during this period of austerity.

The attacks on working people in the name of austerity are the result of the normal working of the capitalist system when it suffers one of its periodic crisis. The role of revolutionary Marxists is to expose that underlying truth not reinforce reformist illusions that these attacks are merely the result of bad policy choices or the bad personal morality of those in government.

It always amazes me whenever SWP members put themselves forward as revolutionary Marxists and yet at exactly the same time defend the peddling of this kind of left-reformist fantasy as the real alternative needed by working people.


23% showing for independents shows thirst for alternative to political establishment and failed austerity (http://richardboydbarrett.ie/2013/08/09/23-showing-for-independents-shows-thirst-for-alternative-to-political-establishment-and-failed-austerity/)

August 9, 2013 – People Before Profit TD says left and independent TD’s should get their act together and create new left/anti-austerity political force

In a statement responding to the latest Red C opinion poll on the standing of the political parties and independents, Richard Boyd Barrett TD for the People Before Profit Alliance, has called on left and independent TD’s to “get their act together” and “establish a new political force to challenge the current political establishment and the failed policies of austerity and bank bail-outs.”

Deputy Boyd Barrett said: “The 23% showing for independents shows the huge thirst that exists for a new political force that will challenge a discredited and failed political establishment.”

“There is no doubt that that this showing for independents is largely a left leaning popular sentiment fuelled by anger against bank bail-outs, the failed policy of austerity and bitter disillusionment with the Labour Party, in particular.”

“The onus is on the left independent, socialist and former Labour TD’s to get their act together and create a new campaigning left political force that will offer a real alternative for working people, the unemployed, those in mortgage distress and the vulnerable in our society.”

“I have made absolutely clear to others on the left in the Dail, that I think we need to create a new political force that is actively pulling together the widespread but fragmented strands of opposition and resistance to the policies of austerity and bank bail-outs.”

“I don’t think people want a political party in the conventional sense of a top-down party, whipped into line by a small party leadership. Rather they want a new type of bottom-up grass roots, campaigning, political force that will articulate the opposition to austerity and put forward a programme that prioritises jobs, fairness and real democratic accountability.”

“The strength of the mostly left independents is their diversity and the fact that they think for themselves but their weakness is the lack of coherence and a popular programme that clearly articulates the alternatives to austerity.”

“People Before Profit intends to actively pursue such an alliance and re-alignment over the coming months, particularly as we face into another cruel and economically stupid austerity budget.”


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