Details of sell-out of Dublin bus workers starting to come out

So the details of the deal brokered by the SIPTU and NBRU union bureaucrats is starting to come out – http://businessetc.thejournal.ie/dublin-bus-management-1028509-Aug2013/

I suppose I should feel vindicated in having predicted this outcome but it just leaves a sick feeling in my mouth.

The quote from SIPTU sector organiser John Murphy is typical union speak – anyone involved in the Croke Park/Haddington Road debacle will remember something similar:

“We aren’t going out there saying it’s a great deal or recommending in favour of it, but we will be telling people where the improvements are,” he said. “It is the best possibly deal that we could get at this stage so now it’s up to members to decide. The alternative is that we go back to where we were on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and I don’t see the Labour Court being able to work anything out then.”

Of course this is only the “best possible deal” if you accept the union bureaucrat’s approach to industrial relations which is based on avoiding significant militant struggle at all costs.


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