TU leaders prepare for betrayal of bus workers

The strike should be supported by all working people in Ireland but we need to be aware that the union leaders are only interested in being invited to the negotiating table where they will accept some slightly re-jigged package with virtually the same level of cuts – as happened to the Bus Éireann drivers back in May.

The main statement on the SIPTU web site going into the strike includes:

Willie Noone added: “Some of the proposals are so unclear the we are expected to ask members to buy into a package where they don’t know how they are going to be affected. They won’t know how much money they are going to lose every week, they won’t know who many extra hours they are going to have to work every week. This is not acceptable. If they are going to buy into something, they need to have certainty about what they are buying into.”

He concluded: “It doesn’t need to be a situation where we have a dispute and subsequently get a resolution. Workers are willing to sit down with the company and come to a solution, but they are not willing to be bullied into accepting uncertainty.”

This was more-or-less the same line as the union leaders gave in the Bus Éireann dispute and in that case they did indeed “sit down with the company” and came to a “solution” – which accepted the bulk of the cuts, just repackaged.

The main concern being posed this time around is the “uncertainty” of the deal rather than the cuts themselves. So they negotiate a deal where there is “certainty” about the cuts and sell it as a victory a few days into the strike action when the reality of the lack of pay is starting to raise its head and the union leaders have done nothing in terms of trying to mobiilise strike support for the potential of a protracted dispute. No doubt with stories about late night and hard-fought negotiations and that this is the best deal possible blah, blah, blah.

Business as usual for these agents of the capitalists within our midst.


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