SP dissident speaks out – readable version

Socialist Party Ireland: Not for the public domain (published in the Weekly Worker) – “Craig Murphy, a member of the Socialist Party in Ireland, reports on the resignation of four prominent comrades and the dishonest response of the leadership…”

One wonders how long Craig will be allowed to remain a member of the SPI given that he has openly published what is a highly critical article about the SP in the journal of an opponent organisation. But the fact that he has done so, along with the 4 resignations his piece reports on, does indicate that we might be seeing the start of a significant revolt against the SP’s curious blend of bureaucratic centralist organisational form and left-reformist practical political programme.

The bulk of Craig’s article outlines details of the lack of a real democratic life inside the SP that parallel similar reports I have heard from other former members of the CWI, both here in Ireland and in Britain. Anyone with experience of the SP will recognise the ring of truth of the criticisms.

Of more interest to me is the political critique Craig makes in the article.

Craig contrasts the SP’s “transitional method” to the idea of a Marxist programme. Of course the reality is, as Craig himself points out, “the SP’s ‘programme’ is nothing more than an eclectic, incoherent mess of demands that could never advance the cause of socialism” and that their programme of demands are “transitional to nothing, save sowing illusions”.

This is a thousand miles away from the actual transitional method that underlined the politics of the healthy period of Bolshevism and was codified by Leon Trotsky as the political methodology of the Fourth International. Actually that real transitional method shares much more in common with the framework of a Marxist programme that Craig begins to outline in the article than it does with the SP’s bastardised version.

To the extent this article represents an attempt to seriously grapple with the issue of developing a programme capable of leading the working class to power it is to be welcomed and I look forward to any opportunities that may arise to discuss this with Craig and the other comrades.


2 Responses to “SP dissident speaks out – readable version”

  1. July 26, 2013 at 07:22

    This article is being discussed on cedarlounge – http://cedarlounge.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/weekly-worker-article-on-the-sp/#comment-176328

    Strangely the SP members there are denying that the SP use a slate system in their elections. Also they are implying that this article is made up by the CPGB and presumably this Craig Murphy is just a pen name not a real SP member.

    • 2 littlemicky2012
      July 27, 2013 at 10:18

      The SP contributors have abandoned that thread rather rapidly, as the obvious nonsense of their position is exposed. The internal life of the party if it is reflected in that article is clearly a poisonous atmosphere. Ex SP people I have spoken to seem to endorse the description of the internal SP regime presented in that article. It is interesting to reflect that the party aspires to hold power in this country, I for one do not want to live under any organisation that behaves in such a manner towards it’s own members.

      I would urge the resigning members to publish their letters of resignation so that they can contribute to the debate occurring across the left on how to move forward and break out of the current impasse. Clearly they have some useful insights that may help crystalise the ideas out there. Another thread on the cedar lounge gives a good cross section of the ideas being argued over in and around the WSM, the anarchists seem far less in fear of this being publicly debated.

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