SP, and independents, launch slate of candidates on reformist platform for 2014 council elections

Just saw the following announcement on cedarlounge (http://cedarlounge.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/left-activism-a-paradox/#comment-174954)

It is unclear what, if any, relationship this has to the remnants of the CAHWT but it is noticeable that the areas holding these “special conferences” to select candidates are also those areas where the SP has an organised presence.

One wonders if the SP will have any more luck with this new layer of activists in comparison to the similar layer in the ULA they had around them following the heady days of the 2011 general election.


A special conference of anti-austerity, anti-home tax protesters on Saturday saw 8 candidates selected to contest the local elections in Limerick next year. With latest opinion polls showing 34% of people don’t support any of the existing parties, the campaigners say they want to provide a “serious challenge to the political establishment, and a real alternative for ordinary people”.

The conference on Saturday was organised by CAPTA, the Campaign Against Property Tax & Austerity, who arose originally to fight the household tax, and have organised many protests and meetings against austerity over the past two years. Similar conferences are taking place around the country in the next weeks, including in parts of Dublin, Cork and Galway.

The conference agreed to a basic anti-austerity pledge all candidates must sign up to, which guarantees that they will use any position on the council to fight the cuts and home taxes, and will not make any deals with the so-called ‘austerity parties’ or partake in junkets.

The agreed mission statement for the campaign is:

We stand for:
No to the Property, Water & Septic Tank Taxes – No to Deduction at Source.
No to all Austerity – ordinary people have paid enough.
For a united movement of ordinary people affected by home taxes and austerity – no to divisions based on race or nationality.
Tax the Wealthy as the alternative to austerity: For progressive taxation on the wealthy and corporate sector.
End the bailouts of banks and bondholders, instead use the money to create real jobs through a programe of necessary public works.
Our candidates if elected would:
Fight against plans for Water Metering, Water Taxes and Water Privatisation.
Oppose all cuts in council services or erosion of workers conditions.
Make no deals on the Council with the austerity Parties (FF, FG, LP).
Oppose the gravy train – no participation in junkets
Demand Local planning for the community, not for developers or vested interests.

List of Candidates

North City ward
Cian Prendiville and Mary Hartery

East City ward
Derrick Towell, Paul Keller & Stephanie O’Shea

West City ward
John Loftus

Newcastle West ward
Joe Harrington

Kathleen Enright

Another selection conference will be organised in the autumn to add an extra candidate for West City, and for the Cappamore/Killmallock ward.



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