Is it too late for the future of the CAHWT?

At the AGM of the Cork Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes I once asked the questions about the non-democratic basis on which election candidates standing under the campaign name will be selected and how those candidates would be completely unaccountable to the members of other local groups:

Are we going to have candidates running in the name of the campaign and therefore as de-facto spokespeople for us all? Who will decide the political platform any such CAHWT candidates run on and how will any of us in other local groups who disagree with elements of that platform, or comments made by the candidates, be able to disassociate ourselves from it?
Once against there was no response to these political points from the representatives of the Cork Northside/Ballyvolane groups who have unilaterally decided to stand candidates in the name of the campaign in Cork – a decision they forthrightly reasserted at the AGM.
If these groups go ahead and select candidates they will leave the rest of us who do not want to have unaccountable de-facto spokespeople standing on a platform we had no democratic input into deciding in a very difficult position. We will either have to stay quiet and accept this undemocratic imposition of unaccountable spokespeople or we will be forced to take appropriate action to disassociate ourselves from these candidates.
It is not yet too late for the Cork Northside/Ballyvolane (and other groups around the country also planning to stand candidates) to reverse their decision to stand candidates in the name of the campaign and pull back from this course that will only result in a further split in the CAHWT.

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