Anarchism, Ireland and the WSM

The most astute analysis of the recent history of the WSM I have seen so far.

Kevin Doyle Blog

The current crisis in Irish society has taken many of us by surprise.  The scale of the social and economic reversal is one thing, but the manner in which the establishment has turned what was an unpredictable economic meltdown into a serious position of advantage has also been disconcerting.  Not surprisingly people have been throwing their hands in the air and wondering aloud about ‘what it will take’ before we all get up off our knees.  The not inconsiderable demoralisation that has resulted has found expression in claims that the ‘left’ is in crisis.

The anarchist movement has not of course remained immune from any of this.  The lack of any serious fight back has seriously undermined morale.  Moreover the scale of this and the profound implications of what it indicates have exposed serious weaknesses in our own analysis and practice.  While this is sobering and could be turned to…

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