another cwrcg letter in national press

A chara, – The Irish Institute of Psychiatrists announced recently that its members are not willing to be the country’s “social policemen”. Now that the Catholic Church no longer has the power to play that role in Ireland, it and its well-financed US backers are changing tack and seeking to force others to fulfil it. I commend the institute for refusing to be put in this position.

The Catholic Church didn’t want divorce, contraception or homosexuality to be legal in this country, and fought against each of them. Thankfully, it was defeated on these matters, and now adults can take responsible decisions about their own lives.

Now I’m not anti-religion, and I fully believe people should have freedom of conscience. But no-one has the right to impose their view on others. So, if Catholics disagree with abortion, they should be and are fully entitled not to have them.

Ireland has changed – this is no longer a Catholic country, but a country of people of all religions and none, where we need to move on from the past, and where women need to be treated as responsible adults by Government. Legislation on the X case has to be truly accessible, and women should have the right to decide for themselves. – Is mise,




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