Cork CAHWT activists arrested

Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes Councillors and activists arrested in Cork for peaceful occupation of Bank of Ireland in Patrick Street
Protest part of national day of local civil disobedience actions – immediate release demanded
Reporting from Cork local Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes activist Conor Payne said:
“Today as part of the national day of civil disobedience actions being organised by the CAHWT across the state the campaign in Cork peacefully occupied the Bank of Ireland.
“We did this in order to draw attention to the bailout of the banks and the resultant austerity that has been foisted on people not least in the form of the property tax.
“When asked to voluntarily move on by the Gardai activists declined but offered up no physical resistance. Under the public order act a number of activists have just been arrested among them City Councillors Mick Barry and Ted Tynan and taken the Bridewell under the Public Order Act.
“The CAHWT sees this as a totally disproportionate act by the Gardai and in stark contrast the the consideration the authorities have shown to  the big bankers. We call on their immediate release and for people in the city to come to the Bridewell to continue the protest.”
Update (as an active participant in the bank protest, though I, like most, choose not to get arrested):
The last two arrested were snuck out the back of the bank as we had made it quite difficult for them when they brought the others out through the front. Upon realising this the rest of the protest marched to the Bridewell Garda station, via Patrick Street, but by the time we got there the five had just been released. It was decided to suspend the day’s activities at that point until the May Day march at 7pm tonight.

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