Cobh CAHWT leaflet for local distribution

Feel free to download a copy and alter for local use – CobhLeafletApril2013-Final

Enough is Enough!

What are YOU going to do about it?


We have been told that the Property Tax is there to provide us with local services – but what is the truth?

Last year Environment Minister Phil Hogan sliced up to 15 per cent off city and county council grants all over the country resulting in cuts to services that are affecting all of us already. This is well in advance of those councils seeing a red cent of any money from the Property Tax – if they ever do.

In Cobh this has seen Town Council funding go from €1,177,961 for 2010 to €904,763 for 2013 – a decrease of 23.2%

The reality is that the Property Tax is a requirement of the deal with the Troika agreed by Fianna Fáil and continued by the Fine Gael/Labour Party coalition. That deal with the Troika is about meeting arbitrary budget limits and paying back the debts to bank bondholders. It is NOTHING to do with local services.

What are YOU going to do about it?


We are constantly told that austerity is all about sharing the pain fairly – but what is the truth?

The Sunday Independent “Rich List” for 2013 estimated the combined wealth of the richest 300 people in Ireland was €66 Billion. This is up from their 2010 list’s total of €50 Billion – an INCREASE of 32%.

Ask yourself how much your income and savings have DECREASED during those same 3 years.

What are YOU going to do about it?


We are told there are signs of economic recovery and austerity will soon be over – but what is the truth?

The Sunday Business Post on 7 April warned of at least 10 more years of “tight budgets” – i.e. austerity continuing until the mid-2020s. Another decade of increasing stealth taxes, cuts to services, high unemployment and low wages – the old saying about getting blood from a stone comes to mind. This also means there will be no future for our children except the heartache of forced emigration.

What are YOU going to do about it?

Remember all the promises before the 2011 election – but what has been the truth?

Leo Varadkar – “The banks aren’t getting another cent. Anglo Irish will not be getting another cent of our money”.

Michael Noonan – “It has always been my position that there should be no repayment of unsecured debt.”

Eamon Gilmore – “Fine Gael need to drop their plans to cut child benefit, let’s start with that one… Enough is Enough. Families can take no more.”

Ruari Quinn – Signed a public pledge not to re-introduce student fees.

Eamon Gilmore – “It’s Frankfurt’s way or Labour’s way”


On The Week in Politics tv show on Sunday 9 December 2012 Pat Rabbitte justified making promises before an election and breaking them after it by matter-of-factly stating “but isn’t that what you tend to do during an election?” The reality is that these gombeen routinely tell lies – we can’t trust anything they say to us. We can only judge them on their actions – and those have been to attack working people and protect the rich.


What are YOU going to do about it?


Fortunately there is an answer. The fight against austerity and defence of our community begins right here in Cobh with the local campaign against the home and water taxes.

Join our “Cobh Says No” weekly protests:

2-3pm Saturday 4 May – “white line” protest through town, meet at the monument in Casement Square
2-3pm Saturday 11 May – Belvelly bridge protest
2-3pm Saturday 18 May – “white line” protest though town, meet at the monument in Casement Square
2-3pm Saturday 25 May – Belvelly bridge protest

Contact your local council and TD government representatives and let them know what you think:

Sinead Sheppard
14 St. Colman’s Square
087 2602091


Jim Quinlan
33 The Spires, Carrignafoy
087 7834448


Paddy Whitty
8, Norwood Park
021 4813335


John Mulvihill Jnr
23, Oak Drive, Rushbrooke Links
086 0661022


Finbarr O’Driscoll
”The Cottage”, Redemption Rd, Cork
087 2077956


John Mulvihill
Tay Road
086 2550232


Seán Sherlock
087 7402057


David Stanton
021 4632867


Tom Barry
087 7540438


Get involved in the activist group – all who oppose the home and water taxes welcome. Contact the campaign (details at the bottom of the page) to be advised of our future meetings and actions.

Become part of the national “Red Flag protest” movement – put a red flag somewhere visible at the front of your house to show your opposition to the government’s policies.

Leaflet produced by Cobh Campaign Against Home & Water Taxes
cobh.cahwt@gmail.com – 087 1870160 – http://www.facebook.com/groups/cobh.cahwt/


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