wuag goes national

Today I received an email from Paddy Healy proclaiming the launch of a new national political party in Ireland.

Workers and Unemployed Action Group (South Tipperary) wishes to announce the launch of a new national political party. The new party has the registered name Workers and Unemployed Action (WUA).

The constitution and rules of the new party can be read by clicking on: http://wuag.wordpress.com/constitution-and-rules/

Looking at that constitution and rules shows a fairly standard set of left-social democratic demands though a couple of things stand out.

On the question of the repressive apparatus of the state it would seem the new party wants to see more gardai and projects a progressive role for them:

WUA opposes anti-social behaviour and drug abuse and insists on the provision of community gardaí on the beat.

Given the prominence of the abortion rights issue at the current time it is strange that there is nothing on this question of strategic importance for women’s liberation in Ireland.

In terms of working class political independence:

It is opposed to coalition or collaboration with conservative parties in Government or other public authorities as a matter of principle.

What exactly “conservative” covers in this context is unclear – Sinn Fein being an obvious example where some clarity would be useful.

Regarding the national question the new party “is committed to achieving Irish Unity, Independence and Socialism.” It is unclear if these are seen as necessarily intertwined or if this implies some kind of stagist approach.

The above is immediately followed by a declaration that “It is opposed to any intrusion on the sovereignty of the Irish people.” This might imply national unity is placed above the idea of working class internationalist unity.

There is also the issue of the timing of this announcement just as the United Left is in the process of formation and would probably indicate that the WUA hasn’t been in contact with the forces involved in the UL initiative. Given that there would appear to be a large degree of overlap in political perspective this would seem a major oversight.





2 Responses to “wuag goes national”

  1. 1 littlemicky
    April 22, 2013 at 10:52

    Clearly this is another left reformist formation. I don’t think it is pretending to be anything else. Interestingly it precludes people from other political organisations from membership, so no attempt to build an alliance, basically you must give up any other memberships or organisations before becoming a member. This is no doubt a consequence of their bitter experience in the ULA. The result of course is to insure that there will be a multitude of left parties and left unity projects contesting the next election on broadly similar platforms but incapable of unifying in either their own interest or the class interest they claim to serve. On top of this the Socialist Party look set to force an electoral strategy on the household tax campaign, in pursuit of their objective of a new mass party led by themselves. None of the formations Workers Party, People before Profit, United left, WUA, SP or CAHWT will put forward any semblance of revolutionary programme or even near it. In such a context the logical thing for working class voters to do is vote for the biggest most effective left reformist party as this is the most likely way to achieve these reformist objectives. That party is Sinn Fein. Of course this all presupposes one believes in the power of elections to change anything meaningful, I think most people still do. Someone putting a revolutionary programme before them would be a pretty new experience for voters, but it won’t happen from the Irish left.

    • April 23, 2013 at 21:42

      Not sure I can agree with that conclusion – “In such a context the logical thing for working class voters to do is vote for the biggest most effective left reformist party as this is the most likely way to achieve these reformist objectives. That party is Sinn Fein.”

      While it is likely a good number of working class activists will indeed vote for Sinn Fein it would be a major mistake for anyone calling themselves a revolutionary socialist to advocate such a vote. SF are not a working class party, they are bourgeois populists, and it would point in completely the wrong political direction to advocate voting for them.

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