Seamus Healy calls on Howlin to resign

Statement By Seamus Healy TD

Prior to the outcome of the vote on Croke Park 2 being known, I had tabled the priority question below to Minister Howlin.
It is due for oral answer on Thursday next.

In the light of the emphatic rejection of Croke Park “2 by a large majority of public service trade unionists, I now call on Minister Howlin to resign as minister. I have made this call on the adjournment in Dail Eireann to-day

Priority Question to The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform

To ask the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Mr Howlin if he would agree that in view of the fact that the top 10,000 income recipients in Ireland, who are virtually exclusively in the private sector, have an average gross declared income of 595,000Euro per year each and a total income of 5.95billion Euro and that the total wealth of the wealthiest 300 Irish citizens increased by 15 Billion Euro to 65Billion euro over the last 3 years while public servants suffered pay and pension reductions and the imposition of a further pay reduction in the form of a pension levy and that

· Less than 2% of public servants earn over €100,000 a year.

· 45% of public servants earn less than €40,000 a year.

· 68% of public servants earn less than €50,000 a year.

· 82% of public servants earn less than €60,000 a year.

· 90% of public servants earn less than €70,000 a year and

that Niall Crowley, independent equality expert, has found that the LRC proposals, to which the Minister has agreed, discriminates against women and all those with family and caring responsibilities and

that this is the centenary year of the 1913 lock-out and

that the Irish Women Workers Union was first formed 2 years earlier, in 1911, to campaign for women’s rights and

that the Labour Party was founded by the trade union movement just over 100 years ago to represent the interests of working people and

that it is totally inappropriate that he, as Minister, should be threatening to cut the pay and the pensions and to worsen the conditions of employment of public service trade unionists in defiance of the great traditions of the Labour Movement and its great pioneers Jim Larkin, James Connolly, Helena Moloney and Celia Larkin

and, accordingly, if he would now confirm to the House that there will be no legislation to cut the pay, pensions and working conditions of public servants during the lifetime of this government?


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