Revenue Commissioners Offices nationwide picketed by anti-property tax campaigners

Press statement: Campaign Against Home & Water Taxes

Revenue Commissioners Offices nationwide picketed by anti-property tax campaigners

Protesters call on Revenue workers ‘not to do the government’s dirty work

In a series of co-ordinated protests, members of the Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes (CAHWT) are currently protesting at  the offices of the Revenue Commissioners in Cork, Limerick, Kilkenny and Dublin (O’Connell St. and St. John’s Rd. West) today (Wed. 10th April).

The pickets were held as part of the build-up to the National Protest Against Property Tax Robbery which will be held in Dublin on Saturday next.

Speaking at the protest in Cork, John Lonergan a member of Cork CAHWT said:

“Families are having a hard enough time putting food on the table without having to shell out hundreds of euro for a tax which is just being used to bail out the banks.  They can send as many Revenue letters as they like – we’re not going to be bullied.  We are going to fight – what other option do we have?”.

Outside the St Johns Rd. Revenue Commissioners office in Dublin, Tony McGuigan from Ballyfermot said:

“I came here today because I think Revenue should never have been given powers to go into people’s bank accounts, wages, social welfare payments or any other way into our private money. This is morally wrong and the reason they were given these powers was because the Campaign against the Household Tax was doing the job in opposing these unjust taxes on our homes.”

At the protest at the Kilkenny offices, Carlow CAHWT spokesperson Ned Costigan said:

“We are protesting here today against the government’s use of Revenue as a battering ram, to force through an unjust tax on peoples’ homes and its attempt to use Revenue to intimidate people. We call on people to build a movement for change and to resist this intimidation.”

Speaking at the protest in Dublin’s O’Connell St., Claire Casey said:

“Revenue are the government’s puppets. The campaign understands that many of the ordinary workers in Revenue share our opposition to the property tax. If workers in Revenue take steps to actively oppose the implementation of the property tax they will be supported by the majority of people.”

In Limerick, Joe Harrington said:

“Limerick Minister, Michael Noonan, wants to hide behind revenue like Minister O’Reilly hides behind the HSE. But people aren’t fooled, this tax was brought in by Fine Gael & Labour, and they will be the ones calling telling revenue what to do. Everyone needs to come out on Saturday 12:30 Garden of Remebrance, Parnell Square, Dublin  to send a message to this government.”


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