Press release by IMPACT oppositionists on Croke Park II

Opposition to Croke Park II grows within IMPACT

The Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown IMPACT branch are calling for a rejection of the Croke Park II deal in contradiction to the IMPACT leadership’s recommendation of a Yes vote. Members of IMPACT in  Dublin City Council, , Cork, Clare & Sligo branches of IMPACT have all come out calling for a no vote. They report a very positive response to the leaflets calling for a No vote they have been distributing to their fellow workers. Impact members will commence voting next week.

The proposals in Croke Park II include requirements for public sector workers to work a longer working week, to accept a freeze on pay increments, reductions or complete removal of various premium pay rates and for there to be direct pay cuts for those earning over €65,000. The new deal is an attack on families and women juggling home and work and who will now face increased childcare costs as a result of longer working hours. Further restrictions to flexi-time and work-sharing will force many parents of young families into acceptance of voluntary redundancy. These attacks on living standards come in the context of public sector workers, like most of their colleagues in the private sector, having already seen their wages decrease significantly since the start of the economic crisis, while the cost of living continues to rise. And all the while, there are those in our society who have not had to bear a proportional amount of the burden – as the recently released Sunday Independent “Rich List” makes only too clear.

This year has seen stories from the Government about how the economy has turned the corner and the recovery has started. But all working people face is more cuts to pay and conditions, rising prices, and new taxes and charges. What this rank-and-file rejection of the Croke Park II deal shows is that an increasing number of workers are deciding that enough really is enough and that these attacks must stop now.


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