CWRCG press release Monday 4 March

Cork Women’s Right to Choose Group welcomes 10 days of abortion rights action

Press release marking the 21st Anniversary of the X case Judgement on 5th March.

Spokesperson  Sandra McAvoy said:

 “CWRCG members are glad to be part of the national 10 days of action on abortion rights. We support the urgent calls for X Case legislation.  This is twenty-one years overdue.  As a bare minimum we must establish in statute women’s right to life when a life-threatening condition arises during pregnancy, and we must legislate for access to terminations in Ireland in cases of fatal foetal abnormality.”

The Cork activities are part of the 10 days of action that will culminate in a March for Choice through the city on Saturday 9th March. Sandra McAvoy continued :

This protest is an opportunity for people who support women’s right to full control of their own fertility to come together. As the Minister for Justice admitted in December, instead of reinforcing women’s rights, Article 40.3.3 qualifies them. We will call for repeal of both this article and  sections 58 and 59 of the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act. Doctors have identified how this has a chilling effect on them because both doctors and the women involved face up to life imprisonment if a termination is judged to be unlawful.”

The march is organised by a coalition of groups and Padraigin Murphy spokesperson for Pro-Choice Alliance Cork noted

“The march is also part of the celebrations for International Women’s Day and the continuing denial of this basic human right for Irish women highlights how far there is still to go in the struggle for women’s rights. It is also highly unfortunate that elements on the anti-choice side have chosen to go down the undemocratic path of removing most of our posters advertising the march. Despite this setback we are confident that there will be a good turnout on the protest on Saturday.Time and place”



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