CAHWT press release 6 March

Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes will meet Revenue letters with scores of mass public meetings, regional and national protests and civil disobedience

Boycott plus massive political and industrial pressure from below can force retreat by government

Protest at Revenue office where letters are being processed this Saturday 9th March 12 midday, St John’s Road (near Heuston Station)

Responding to the coverage today of Revenue’s announcement that the letters from them to householders estimating the property tax due will be issued shortly Ruth Coppinger on behalf of the campaign said:

“This Saturday the CAHWT marks a new critical phase in the struggle against austerity and unjust taxes when it organises a protest picket this at the Revenue offices in St John’s Road, near Heuston Station where letters are being processed to be sent to householders around the country demanding payment of the property tax.

“Once those letters are received the CAHWT locally will quickly spring into action with a comprehensive round of mass public meetings that will provide people with information about this tax but more importantly offer a perspective about how, with their participation as householders and workers, mass political and economic pressure can be brought to bear on the government which will force them to retreat and scrap this hated austerity tax

“These public meetings along with local and regional protests scheduled on 23rd March, a national protest on 13th April and a day of civil disobedience on 1st May will truly make the government feel the anger of the people who have been put through the ringer for five years now since the crisis began. Breaking point has been reached as the government will soon find out!”


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