Another govt update on the Croke Park 2.0 talks

Email forwarded on today:

Subject:    Bulletin 5 in relation to ongoing pay talks

Over these last few weeks, extensive engagement has taken place at a central level on a whole set of cross sectoral issues, including overtime, premia payments, pay at higher levels, increments, public service numbers etc. The leadership challenge for everyone on both the management and trade union side is to work within the process to develop an equitable solution.

This has resulted in a broad outline of the expected contribution in savings to be made across the various areas.

Following this the engagement process moved to an intensive set of discussions over the weekend.  The purpose of these discussions is to work through some detailed design and implementation issues to deliver the broad outline of cash savings. It is expected that the intensive talks process will continue over the next week.

Public  servants may be wondering if recent news that impacted on structure of  public  debt  may allow the Government some scope to adjust the pace of tax and expenditure measures, with consequential impacts on the discussions taking place.  While budgetary policy can only be determined by Government, it  is  clear  that  the  requirement  will  remain in place to correct the underlying  General  Government  Deficit – currently at approx. 8% of GDP – progressively towards a balanced position over subsequent years.  This will require  ongoing  budgetary discipline and difficult policy decisions, both on  the  taxation  and expenditure side, through the medium term.  With the public service paybill at some one-third of overall public spending we will need  to  contribute  a  proportionate  share – €1 billion – of the overall expenditure  adjustment  in  the  period ahead, and that some €300m of this paybill  adjustment  must  be  delivered in 2013 for the achievement of the budgetary targets to which the State is committed.

Please circulate to your staff, and the staff of all bodies under the auspices of your Department.


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