CAHWT going down an electoralist deadend?

Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes launches anti property tax postcard targeting Labour Party politicians across the country

Speaking today at a press conference held outside the Labour Party HQ in Ely Place at the launch of the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes postcard to the politicians Ruth Coppinger said:

“The Labour TDs will have their lives made a misery by the anti-property tax campaign in the weeks ahead'”

“18 Labour TDs are in Dublin, with 9 others in the other four key cities. Each one will be landed with thousands of postcards on their doorsteps from their constituents, collected up by the local campaigns against home taxes.

“The campaigns in these cities will building huge political pressure on TDs with the postcards, public meetings and protests. The message will be : back off deduction of the tax or watch your vote collapse in local and Euro elections next year. Combined with a boycott of hundreds of thousands of tax forms in March, this government can be sent into crisis.”




Is it really the belief of those supporting this strategic perspective for the campaign that the government can be made to withdraw the property tax as a result of putting electoral pressure on the Labour Party?

Even if this pressure was to have an effect on some back-benchers the reality is that the LP leadership are completely committed to the austerity project. They don’t need postcards from the CAHWT to confirm what every opinion poll is telling them about their vote collapsing.

This seems to be a central plank of the current strategy of the campaign when at best it should only be a secondary or tertiary one. If this is combined with moves towards standing candidates in next year’s council elections the campaign will have gone completely down an electoralist deadend with no possibility of defeating the property tax or water charges, let alone austerity in general.

What is actually needed if the campaign is to have any chance of winning is militant class struggle – strikes in the key government departments supported by mass mobilisations and direct actions like occupations of government offices.


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