What the reaction to the murder of Adrian Donohoe tells us about bourgeois democracy

I have found it interesting listening to and watching the massive propaganda offensive, in the guise of news, in response to the murder of Garda Adrian Donohoe. It is clear from the sheer volume of material that this is a major issue for the Irish capitalist class. Does anyone imagine that if it had been an ordinary member of the public, or even a worker in the credit union, who had been killed that we would have seen this level of outcry?

Eamon Gilmore makes it clear just how important an issue this is for the Irish establishment:

“An Garda Síochána perform a public service that is a cornerstone of our democracy”

“An Garda Síochána are not just the guardians of our communities: they are pillars of our communities”


Unintentionally, I am sure, Gilmore has highlighted one of the central truths of bourgeois democracy – that it stands on the cornerstone/pillar of the repressive apparatus of the capitalist state, in the first instance the Gardaí.


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