state harassment of Cork prisoner solidarity protesters


The court case against 10 Cork Republicans and socialists for ‘obstructing traffic’ today can only be described as a bad joke.

While the solicitor showed how silly the claims of ‘obstruction of traffic’ were one garda contradicted the other garda by saying the ‘traffic moved freely’ and the other said it was obstructed, the fact that CCTV footage of the day has apparently managed to “fall through the cracks” i.e go missing, it seems as though the case was already decided.

The body language of the judge throughout showed him in favour of Both the traffic garda and the garda with a ‘masters in cyber crime’ (who managed to download the pictures on facebook). In the end the judge believed the lie that the garda had spoken to everyone on the day and asked them to leave the area which is complete nonsense, he took the word of 2 gardaí over ten men.

How convenient the CCTV footage that would have proved the garda did not speak to everyone of the accused went missing.

The selective use of photographs by the garda, the missing CCTV and the blatant lies told under oath by the gardaí showed how corrupt the entire proceedings were.

In the end the judge fined some €350 and some €200 for being guilty of being “likely” to cause an obstruction even though it was proved throughout that no obstruction took place at all.

Today again proves equality in the courts of the 26-county state is non existant. Surprise surprise!


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