Comment on state of CAHWT

I sent the following email to the CAHWT national steering committee and Cork regional email lists regarding the upcoming NSC meeting and general state of the CAHWT:


Seeing the flood of motions coming in over the last couple of days would indicate a real problem with the process for this upcoming NSC.

How on earth are delegates to the NSC supposed to be able to consult with their regional and local groups on these motions? How are the members of those local and regional groups supposed to have any input into the decision making process when they have not had the opportunity to see these motions before selecting their delegates?
The election of delegates to the NSC taking place in this kind of political vacuum strikes me as profoundly undemocratic.
There is also another issue of how the term “local group” is being used. It seems that quite often it is being used to describe what is actually a regional (or Dublin constituency) group when in fact the structure decided at the national conference was that these regional groups should be made up of delegates from functioning local groups in communities (like in Cobh where our regular meetings of 20-30 local activists elect delegates to the Cork regional meetings).
Using “local group” to describe what is actually a regional group would seem to be covering up a major problem for the campaign in that our real roots in communities are very weak.
I don’t see how the NSC on Saturday can be making major decisions on the campaign without knowing the real strength of the campaign in terms of its real activist base.
So a couple of simple questions. How many functioning local groups actually are there around the country? How many regional (or Dublin constituency) group meetings are actually made up of delegates from those local groups?
Alan G.
Cobh local group
Cork regional group

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