CAHWT – Hundreds discuss plans for campaign “to defeat property tax”

CAHWT press statement

Almost 500 people from all across the country attended a national rally on Saturday to discuss plans for a campaign against the property tax.  The meeting, organised by the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes (CAHWT), was held in the Red Cow Inn in Dublin.

A wide range of responses to the imposition of the property tax were discussed including boycott of the registration for the tax, trade union pressure, protest action and a political campaign to force the government to back down.
The meeting was presented with a detailed analysis of the property tax legislation, prepared by the Campaign’s legal working group with the assistance of legal and tax experts.
“There are some highly repressive and draconian elements to this legislation,” said Gregor Kerr, CAHWT spokesperson.  “This contrasts with the lack of legislation and effort to ensure that the wealthy are made to pay their share of taxation.  However we are confident that when people are presented with the facts about the legislation alongside our plans for a campaign of boycott and protest that they will see that the government can be defeated on this issue.”
The meeting discussed a range of possible tactics and strategies.  “Speakers from campaign groups across the country shared views and ideas about how the campaign will be stepped up over the coming months.  These ideas will now be brought back to local campaign groups for further discussion and brought back to a steering committee meeting in 2 weeks time,” Mr. Kerr continued.
The meeting agreed to publish a national poster and leaflet and to begin a series of public meetings nationwide.  The Campaign will be encouraging people to attend the ICTU-organised series of protests against the debt burden on February 9th and to “make opposition to the property tax one of the central themes of those protests”.
“We are starting from a position where 50% of single-home owners are still boycotting the household tax, and are confident many more homeowners will join the boycott of the property tax,” Mr. Kerr concluded.  “A boycott of the tax will provide the foundation of our campaign, but we know that a boycott alone will not be enough.  So in tandem with the boycott we will be organising a massive campaign of political protest which will force the government to back down and which will defeat this austerity tax.”

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