Class traitor Pat Rabbitte appeals to the “national interest”


Listening to that gobshite Pat Rabbitte on the way into work this morning. Hard to tell what was the worst of it.

Certainly his appeals to the need for national unity to save Ireland’s economic sovereignty must rank up there given the total prostration of the Irish bourgeoisie, and their craven agents like Rabbittee, at the feet of the imperialist multinationals. This was made absolutely clear during the debates over the budget when the issue of even the extremely modest increase in corporation tax proposed by the ULA were ruled completely off the table.

But perhaps the worst from this particular class traitor was his claim that there was no choice but to attack the living standards of working people again given the need to find 3.5 billion. Of course the truth is that this was a conscious choice as wad shown by the alternative reformist proposals by the likes of the ULA and Sinn Fein outlined.

All this shows in graphic detail that despite the lies of Rabbitte and co. there is no “national interest” – that is just a code for the interests of capital.

They will lie, cheat and steal to maintain their rule and the riches that brings. There is no reformist solution that can meet the needs and wants of working people – we have to overthrow this rotten system.


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