Successful pro-choice public meeting in Cork last night

Successful pro-choice public meeting in Cork last night

120 or so people attended the “Its My Choice” public meeting last night at the Metropole Hotel in Cork.

Unfortunately Rebecca Gomperts was unable to travel due to an illness in her family. Claire Murray led off giving the legal framework as it currently exists. Clare Daly was next outlining her attempts to move X-Case legislation but arguing for the need to go far beyond that and start a campaign for repeal of the 8th amendment of the Constitution. Mary Favier finished off explaining the medical reality of abortions and arguing for decriminalisation of abortion following a successful campaign to repeal the 8th amendment.

I am more and more convinced of Mary’s argument each time I hear her speak or discuss the issue with her. One real strength of the argument is being able to point to the Canadian example where abortion has exactly this status combined with having one of the lowest abortion rates in the Western world – a very powerful concrete example against all the lies of the anti-choice brigade.

There was a small group of anti-choice people at the meeting who tried to disrupt things with varying degrees of directness (including one guy screaming “murderers” who had to be gently escorted out of the meeting) but pretty much failed I think. To the extent they had any effect it was probably only to encourage a few more people to become active in the pro-choice movement.

All in all a very successful meeting for the pro-choice movement in Cork which is going to result in another jump in the number of activists which will put us in good stead for the campaign to come next year.


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