SP use same bad method as SWP in critiquing the budget

SP members have been commenting in the blogosphere that they have a fundamentally different approach to that of the SWP and it was compromises due to the nature of the ULA that held the pre-budget statement back from presenting a more explicitly socialist approach.

However I have waited for any signs of this alternative approach in the statements and comments from SP leaders and so far there has been no sign of this. The SP are not as absolutely craven as the SWP in keeping the discussion within the framework of capitalism but there is no evidence of the SP breaking from that same basic methodology.

The latest example is available at http://joehiggins.ie/2012/12/budget-2013-constitutes-new-cruel-twist-in-austerity-agenda/

FG/Labour move from austerity to draconian financial dictatorship in Property Tax proposals

Major civil disobedience & Boycott will be reaction to this Step Too Far

Budget continues war on workers and unemployed

Speaking at a press conference convened this morning in response to the Budget and the announcement of the Property Tax Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins said:

“The draconian proposals for the attempted implementation of the new Property Tax have the stamp of a Troika diktat and verge on a financial dictatorship attacking low and middle income households. The proposal is a grotesque abuse of Revenue powers to try cow home owners but there will be massive anger, discontent and active resistance. The government plans to introduce legislation directing employers to deduct an estimated Property Tax from workers and welfare recipients. This is being done because of the magnificent boycott of the household tax.

“However, the lesson of the household tax is that boycott works and if a huge majority don’t cooperate with the form-filling and registration process in March and April next year, the government can face the same political crisis they faced in 2012 with the household tax.”

Socialist Party Councillor Ruth Coppinger added:

“This will be a despised tax for workers, the unemployed and pensioners who will look for a way to resist it. Workers must put their trade union leaders under massive pressure to get off the fence on the Property Tax. The trade union leaders must supplement the huge boycott by householders with powerful mobilisations and also by considering how workers charged with implementing these draconian measures can refuse to implement them.

“This budget is a continuation of the war on working people, the unemployed and students. The figures available prior to this Budget in terms of household income surveys, mortgage arrears and various poverty indicators will all, without exception, get worse on the basis of yesterday’s Budget announcement. “The union leaders must join the Europe-wide resistance to austerity taking place throughout Europe and the European day of strikes in March.”

Paul Murphy MEP responding to claims of signs of recovery said:

“Minister Noonan seems to live in a bubble of positivity judging by his opening remarks in his speech where he claimed that the signs of economic recovery are manifest. The precise opposite is the case when one looks at the up to date forecasts for economies across Europe and beyond. He twice boasted of Ireland’s improved balance of payments figures. What he failed to say though was that most of these ‘improved’ figures can be attributed to a collapse of imports reflecting the ongoing decline of domestic demand. “Given that this government has hitched its hopes on a recovery led by exports we can see that the basis for a further descent next year. Practically every cut and imposition in this budget will further the crisis.

“The core of the economic crisis can be located in the collapse of investment and the debt. The budget fails to address either. The United Left Alliance pre-budget statement to which we contributed laid out a bold programme of repudiating the debt and major public investment in necessary public works. Only radical policies like these can go anywhere near dealing with the effects of the crisis.”

The whole problem with the SP approach is summed up in that final paragraph from Paul Murphy.

Instead of pointing to the need for a socialist transformation of society all that is suggested is the left-reformist pre-budget statement that is presented as a “bold programme” of “radical policies” that is the only thing that can “go anywhere near dealing with the effects of the crisis”.

The only way that can possibly have any truth to it is if the socialist transformation of society is completely ruled out as an option. And for an organisation claiming to be revolutionary socialist that is a shocking betrayal.


1 Response to “SP use same bad method as SWP in critiquing the budget”

  1. December 7, 2012 at 10:20

    I agree, the method is a distributional critique in which the capitalist state can be structurally reformed. Wrong since 1871. ah… I mean the Communist Manifesto.

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