boyd barrett and higgins on the budget


Stop the austerity – tax the wealth

Commenting on the government’s forthcoming Budget proposals, Richard Boyd-Barrett TD said:

“The people of this country are looking into a dark and endless night of austerity if the government goes ahead with cuts in this budget that affect the the poor, the pensioners and unemployed people of this country. This budget is a recipe for driving of hundreds of thousands of people into poverty. The government says there is no choice but there is a choice. They can tax the wealthy in society who can afford to pay or they could tell the Troika that we just can’t pay”.

Lashing the Labour Party, Joe Higgins TD continued:

“Labour’s line that they are trading off cuts to welfare and public services in exchange for higher taxes on the wealthy will not wash with the vast majority of people. 0.07% extra tax on those whose houses are valued over a million euro does not make the Labour Party the class warriors they want their supporters to think they are. A property tax ranging from €300 to €400 for the majority of low and middle income people, on top of the other cuts, will be unbearable for most”.

“The United Left Alliance advocates a serious levy on wealth. Based on information available from the Central Bank we say that an emergency 5% levy on the net wealth and assets above the first €1 million of the richest 1% would raise €2.8 billion in 2013. This – and increases in income tax for the wealthy – are what is needed to prevent further austerity and to begin undoing to cuts and tax hikes of the last five years.”


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