UCC Students’ Council passes pro-choice and pro-trans motions

Motion 4

Council notes

◦ That UCCSU currently has no stance on the issue of Gender Recognition Legislation whereby the current law states that a person must be diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder ( a Diagnostic and Statistics Manual defined mental illness), divorce their current spouse, and/or undergo gender reassignment surgery to have their gender legally recognised.

Council Further Notes

◦ That UCCSU strives to support and treat all students equally and prides itself on inclusion and acceptance.

◦ That the student body comprises of Trans* people whose needs are just as important as any other students or minority groups.

Council believes

◦ That UCCSU supports the introduction of gender recognition legislation drafted within a human rights framework, without mandatory requirements to divorce, to be diagnosed with a mental health illness or to undergo surgical procedures.

Council further believes that

◦ Trans* people are not mentally ill and are not always able to undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery criteria for medical and/or personal reasons.

Council mandates

◦ UCCSU Sabbatical Officers to become familiar with and educated in the area of Gender Recognition Legislation, such as, by attending USI Pink Training, for example.

Council further mandates

◦ UCCSU sabbatical officers to support the letter writing campaign to the Gender Recognition Advisory Group calling for a review of their recently published report and the introduction of Gender Recognition Legislation as outlined above.

◦ UCCSU to support and attend the annual Rally for Recognition march by funding a bus to Dublin to aid students who want to travel to support the rally.


Motion 5

Council notes

◦ Ireland has ineffective laws in relation to abortion.

Council also notes

◦ The need for safe and legal medical abortions to be freely available to the women of Ireland.

◦ The need for choice in relation to safe and legal abortion in Ireland.

Council mandates

◦ That the Deputy President and Campaigns Officer to campaign for the provision of abortion services in Ireland.


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