CAHWT press statement on Nov 2th demo

Press Statement: Householders call for “a massive show of opposition to the property tax” on 24th November
A number of householders, members of the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes, have called on “fellow householders and others to join the 24th November protest against the proposed property tax and against austerity”.
At a press event outside Leinster House today (Friday 16th November), the householders said that opposition to the property tax would be “even stronger than the opposition to the hated household tax was”.
Speaking at the event, Dolores Ferris, from Cabra in Dublin, said “It’s time the government woke up and realised that people can’t pay any more taxes and can’t take any more of their austerity.  They’re taking SNAs away from kids in school, they’re taking home helps from people who need them, they’re cutting child benefitattack after attack.  And then they want us to pay more taxes so that they can pay off debts we don’t owe.  They must think we’re fools.”
“Most of the people I know simply don’t have the money to pay any more taxes so the government should realise now that we simply won’t be paying the property tax,” said Clare Casey from East Wall in Dublin.  “We’re already organised together in the anti household tax campaign.  We’ll be strengthening that campaign and we’ll be forcing them to abolish the property tax”.
“The protest on 24th November is an opportunity for everybody to show our opposition to the property tax and to all aspects of austerity,” said Deirdre Wadding from Wexford.  “Campaigners will be travelling from all over the country.  We want this protest to be huge and to deliver a very strong message to government.  Despite their threats and bullying they haven’t managed to break the massive boycott of the household tax.  The boycott of the property tax will be even stronger.  By getting out on the streets on 24th November with other campaigns against various aspects of the austerity agenda, we can show our determination and give strength and encouragement to our fellow householders to join with us in opposing the property tax.”
“This government is no different than the previous one,” said Bernie Hughes of Finglas in Dublin.  “They are piling pain and austerity on ordinary people while the bankers and others keep their big salaries and their perks.  This protest is a chance for all of us to show our disgust at what’s going on and to demand an end to property tax and austerity.  I call on everyone who opposes what the government is doing to join with us and make this the biggest and angriest protest the government has seen.”
Spokesperson for the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes, Cllr. Cieran Perry said “Our Campaign has come together with the Dublin Council of Trade Unions and a number of other anti-austerity campaign groups to organise this protest because we want to give people an opportunity to show their anger at government policy and, in particular, their opposition to the property tax.  Over the past year the government has attempted to impose the household tax and, despite threats and bullying, approximately half of all householders have refused to register and refused to pay.  We will be organising an even bigger boycott of the proposed property tax.  The government should know now that they cannot impose this tax on people who are determined not to pay it.”
“This tax is being imposed on us because the government and the troika are attempting to make us pay back about €87billion of debts racked up by financial gamblers,” Cllr. Perry continued.  “It’s not possible for us to do so.  Someone somewhere has to call a halt to this madness.  The protest on 24th November gives everyone the opportunity to say no to the property tax and no to austerity.”
“It’s a nonsense for the government to claim that they have no option but to impose more taxes on us and cut our social services.  The wealthiest 36,000 people in Irish society owned last year 15.28% of all the wealth in the country – a total of €130.2billion – an average of €3.8million each. They should impose a wealth tax on these people and leave our family homes alone,” concluded Cllr. Perry.
Details of protest:-
Meet at Parnell Square, Dublin
Saturday 24th November
Jointly orgainsed by Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes and Dublin Council of Trade Unions

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