CAHWT press statement on Dublin council writing off developer debts

Press statement: Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes

Dublin City Councillors slam Decision by officials to write off €76 million unpaid development levies as bad debt

A group of Dublin City Councillors involved with the Campaign Against the Household and Water Taxes, have slammed a decision by Dublin City Council to make a bad debt provision of over 76 million euro owed to the council by developers as a scandal.

Responding to the announcement, Cllr Cieran Perry said, ‘The revelation that Dublin City Council officials are planning to write off huge amounts of bad debt owed by developers, while at the same time cutting funding to council services is completely unacceptable.’ Communities across Dublin are being decimated by cutbacks and austerity, yet the same developers whose greed played a part in creating the current crisis are being let of the hook.

Time and time again we have been told that it is necessary to collect the 19 million euro that the household tax would bring in to provide for local services. The latest development has shown that there is a two tier collection system within Dublin City Council. Those boycotting the Household tax have been subjected to a campaign of intimidation and threats. If Dublin City Council put as much pressure on developers as they do on ordinary people, the council would be in much better position financially’ said Cllr. Pat Dunne.

This announcement has exposed that there would be little or no need for ‘slash and burn’ cuts to vital community and public services across Dublin city, if the council committed to pursuing the developers for every cent that they owe. These developers must be held to account’ said Cllr. Bríd Smith

In conclusion Cllr. Louise Minihan said, ‘This revelation makes a mockery of claims that Dublin City Council services are being slashed due to non- payment of the Household tax. In reality the Household tax was never intended to fund council services. It’s an austerity tax that is being used to bailout the greed of the private banking sector. People are right to continue with the boycott.

In the face of Government threats and intimidation against non- payers, all examples of which can rubbish government claims must be exposed. In the coming weeks and months the Campaign Against the Household and Water Taxes will be stepped up across the state. We would encourage all non- payers to join the campaign and get involved in organising resistance to austerity in your local community.’


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