CAHWT press statement – Letters farce show ‘clueless’ LGMA database

Press statement 25th October 2012
Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes (CAHWT)
Letters farce show ‘clueless’ LGMA database
Tens of thousands of household tax reminder letters are being sent in “clueless” fashion at huge cost to the taxpayer, the Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes (CAHWT) said today.
The head of the LGMA, Mr Paul Sweeney, implied on Morning Ireland today that because some people who have paid the charge received letters, this showed high compliance.
“All it shows is the databases are in disarray,” said Gregor Kerr of the CAHWT. “Our campaign has been inundated with complaints of letters being sent to people deceased for many years. This shows the information of the authorities is outdated and unreliable and will strengthen people’s resolve not to pay.”
“A recent Parliamentary Question showed that 1.04 million properties were registered. Since over 1.8 million properties must be registered, that is only 57% — an astoundingly low registration given the threats over ten months. If you break this down to actual homeowners, the payment level is even lower,” Mr. Kerr continued.
“The CAHWT asks any residents worried about these letters to contact our hotline at 1890 98 98 00. The CAHWT will be assisting any resident called to court and we urge residents to attend the series of local meetings being held by the campaign, and to continue to build opposition to this clearly unpopular tax,” Mr. Kerr concluded.

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