political problem in new CAHWT newsletter

The new CAHWT newsletter (http://nohouseholdtax.org/new-newsletter-of-the-cahwt/) is now available and we were handing them out at the successful Cork city centre public meeting last night:


Some county campaigns have raised concerns over the phrase “We will not be defending landlords with portfolios of properties” though this would seem completely consistent with the democratic decision taken at the National Steering Committee meeting so my blog post is not about that.

Instead I refer to the advice to union members:

“And we are calling on union members to put pressure on the union leadership to oppose the property tax and make collection unworkable.”

Putting pressure on the union leadership is at best a secondary or tertiary tactic for work in the trade unions. The leaders of the trade union movement in Ireland have, for the most part, shown in word and deed that they are effectively on the side of the government and big business through the betrayal of “Social Partnership”. They also accept the general framework under which austerity is being applied and only quibble about the details of how that should be applied.

Making the collection of the household charge, and the property and water taxes to come, unworkable will require a level of class struggle that the current trade union leaders have no interest in. It will require wild-cat actions and the building of a new militant rank-and-file leadership for this to become a reality.

I am not pretending that this is a small task, far from it obviously, but implying that it is possible to get the existing sell-out trade union leaders to carry this out is a serious political mistake in my opinion.




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