What does the SP mean by “socialist economic policies”?

New SP article today – “Socialist economic policies only way to stop cuts onslaught” – http://www.joehiggins.ie/2012/09/comment-socialist-economic-policies-only-way-to-stop-cuts-onslaught/

Remember that the Socialist Party consider themselves to be revolutionary socialists – so what are these “socialist economic policies” they think are needed?

“radical taxation measures on super wealth and for a targeted infusion of public investment into major job creation”

“immediate and substantial taxation on this wealth. Nationally and internationally the huge resources salted away by the global super wealthy should be taken into public ownership and turned into investment that would employ the millions of unemployed, create the wealth and services that society needs.”

No call to repudiate the debt, no expropriation of big business, no monopoly of foreign trade, indeed nothing on the multi-nationals as a specific issue in Ireland. And of course nothing about putting the working class in power through a workers council system.

So clearly not a call for an end to the capitalist system and these “socialist economic policies” are being posed in the context of a continuing capitalism system – which reduces “socialist economic policies” as no more than radical reformism.


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