Is the ULA dead?

So we have seen the first test of the depth of ULA unity following the London “Marxism” where I reported on the SWP’s less than fulsome support to the ULA project as a central priority.

The massacre of South African trade unionists has rightly prompted demonstrations around the globe – and Ireland is no exception (see http://marxpostings.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/this-brutal-and-pre-planned-massacre.html for a good overview of the details of the murders). I was therefore not surprised to receive Facebook invites to protests. But what did surprise me was that the invites I received from the SWP and SP were for two separate protests.

Both are happening today and both are at the South African embassy in Dublin – but one is at 1pm and one at 5pm!

It is bad enough that there wasn’t a joint ULA sponsored event but to have the two main components participating in competing demonstrations raises serious questions about the depth of their commitment to the project, even as just an alliance let alone as something moving in the direction of a new workers’ party.

There is a Cork ULA branch steering committee meeting tonight to plan our activities for the rest of the year and I will be directly raising the question of whether there is an point in continuing with the project. It might not be the question they want to hear but it is the one that needs answering positively before we bother making any plans.


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