Report on 9 May Cork ULA branch meeting

A disappointing turn-out of only 12 though that is probably explained by the late notice of the meeting (only 2 days prior) – hopefully just a one-off glitch on the part of the secretary.

On the plus side there were two new youngish women, who had been at the public meeting on abortion rights. Both very keen to be invloved in both the Vote No campaign and abortion rights activity. I flagged the idea of us calling a meeting of all the pro-choice activists in Cork to discuss further activity. Cork Womens Right to Choose is going through a bit of a slow patch in terms of active members so there is a real opporunity for the ULA to play a useful role in taking a lead in putting pro-choice activity back on the map in Cork.

The main focus of the meeting was discussing the austerity treaty and planning our part in the campaign against it.

We will be holding a public debate in the 3rd week of May – details to be decided when speakers are confirmed.

We have 5,000 leaflets ULA leaflets against the treaty and will be getting 300 posters. There was discussion around various creative ideas for maximising the impact of our limited resources. We are holding a briefing session and planning meeting next Wednesday and will be trying to mobilise people from our wider contact list to participate with us.

So despite the low turn-out quite a productive meeting overall I thought.


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